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3rd Open GSS Conference

Dear all,

As announced at the Second Open Global Systems Science conference, the Third such conference will take place fall 2014 in Beijing. Like the first two Open GSS conference, the Third one will be organized by the Global Climate Forum, this time together with GSS researchers from Beijing Normal University.

The preliminary steering committee consist of: Guido Caldarelli, Zhangang Han, Elke Henning, Carlo Jaeger, Sander van der Leeuw, Antoine Mandel, Diana Mangalagiu, Joan David Tabara, Sani Yang, Qian Ye.

A preparatory meeting will take place in Beijing as well, October 29/30 this year. Everybody is invited to the preparatory meeting (travel support is available depending on needs). If you are interested, simply send an e-mail to with a brief note on your interest. If you are interested but are not able to join you are still welcome to contact us and we will keep you informed on the ongoing activities. As done with previous meetings, we will make sure that this preparatory meeting will be embedded in an internet exchange on the GSS blog.

In fact, the conversation about the Third Open GSS conference will take place to a considerable extent on the GSS blog also before and after the preparatory meeting. Without in any way constraining the conversation at its beginning, it may be useful to mention fields where great progress is definitely under way. They include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Financial markets
  • The global city system
  • Climate policy

By the end of the preparatory meeting, a preliminary structure for the Third Open GSS Conference in fall 2014 should be in place, still leaving considerable flexibility for the months to come.

It is important to realize how fast our community is growing. One indicator is the number of GSS-related workshops and conferences already in the making, certainly in Europe, but also in the US. We will post details on the GSS blog as soon as possible.

Best regards to all of you,

Carlo Jaeger

3rd Open Global Systems Science Conference: Beijing 2014

3rd Open Global Systems Science Conference

Beijing, October 2014

First Announcement and Call for Papers


In 2014, it will be time for GSS to go global. Therefore, the 3rd Open Global Systems Science Conference will take place in October 2014 in Beijing.

Moreover, there will be GSS initiatives in Europe

–      including an annual CONNECT-GSS conference by projects financed by the EU’s DG CONNECT –,

in the US

–      including a major complex adaptive systems conference with GSS as its main theme at Arizona State University –

and more. In particular, we will strengthen the links to the complexity science community.

The precise date of the 3rd open conference will be established on the basis of the constraints of people willing to play an active role in preparing it. A preparatory workshop will take place in Beijing, October 2013. This workshop will lead to a joint journal paper presenting GSS to the broader scientific community. Whoever is interested in participating in that workshop is kindly invited to express their interest in a

–       mail to:

–       together with a 200 word abstract of an intended contribution to the 3rd Conference.

–       The deadline for abstracts in view of the preparatory workshop is September 30, 2013.

–       Abstracts for conference contributions are also warmly welcome from people who do not want to participate in the preparatory workshop.

–       An extended deadline for abstracts submitted after the workshop will be announded at the end of the workshop.

The preliminary scientific committee consists of Guido Caldarelli (IMT Lucca), Carlo Jaeger (GCF Berlin and BNU Beijing), Antoine Mandel (Sorbonne Paris) and Ye Qian (BNU Beijing). It will be expanded after the preparatory workshop.

For a start, the structure of the 2014 conference will be based on the synthesis paper “GSS: Towards a Research Program for Global Systems Science”. That structure will be modified on the basis of the discussions at the preparatory workshop.

One interesting possibility would be to look more closely into the relation between the global narratives provided by scientists and narratives provided by artists. To make this a serious intellectual exercise, we could invite philosophers currently developing a fictionalist stance in the philosophy of mathematics (see e.g. Mary Leng’s Mathematics and Reality, Oxford UP 2010).

As usual, the debate leading to the 3d Open Global Systems Science Conference will take place on the GSS blog (

GSS: Towards a Research Program for Global Systems Science


Carlo Jaeger, Patrik Jansson, Sander van der Leeuw, Michael Resch and J. David Tàbara

Conference Version, prepared for the Second Open Global Systems Science Conference
June 10-12, 2013, Brussels



Written on the basis of:

–       the first open global systems science – GSS – conference (Brussels, November 2012)
–       seven subsequent workshops on GSS
–       insights from the EU – FET consultation process on GSS
–       contributions to the GSS blog:


With thanks for contributions and comments by:

Alex Serret, Amit Kapoor, Andrés Gómez-Lievano, Angela Wilkinson, Anna Mengolini, Anna Mutule, Antoine Mandel, Antonio Fernandez, Antonio Lucio, Armin Haas, Ben Ruddell, Brad Allenby, Brandon Fuller, Carlo C. Jaeger, Catalina Spataru, Catalina Spataru, Cezar Ionescu, Chris B. Davis, Chris Kennedy, Christian Heimgartner, Christian Svansfeldt, Christian Svansfeldt, Christopher L. Barrett, Chuck Redman, Ciro Cattuto, Colin Harrison, David Pearce, David Simmonds, David Tuckett, Deborah Strumsky, Denise Pumain, Devdatt Dubhashi, Diana Mangalagiu, Doyne Farmer, Emile Chappin, Eric Boix, Eric Miller, Ettore Bompard, Filippo Addarii, Folke Snickars, Fonz Dekkers, Franziska Schuetze, Frédéric Sgard, Geoffrey Cape, Geoffrey West, Gerard P.J. Dijkema, Gianluca Fulli, Greg Lindsay, Guido Caldarelli, Henry Wynn, Herman De Meer, Hugh Kelly, Igor Nikolic, Ilan Chabay, Ilona Heldal, J. David Tàbara, Jan Bialek, Jeff Johnson, José Lobo, José Ramasco, José S. Sanchez Torres, Joseph Tainter, Karen Seto, Kevin Stolarick, Leo Camiciotti, Linda Steg, Lisa Amini, Lisa Flatley, Loreto, Luis Bettencourt, Luis Willumsen, Madhav V. Marathe, Manfred Laubichler, Marc Barthélemy, Marcelo Masera, Marco Aiello, Marco Ajmone, Maria Rosa Casals, Mario Rasetti, Martin Elsman, Maxi San Miguel, Melanie Fasche, Merijn Terheggen, Michael Batty, Michael Resch, Michael Smith, Michail Fragkias, Michel Morvan, Mihnea Costantinescu, Mikhail Chester, Nil Gilbert, Oliva García-Cantú, Patricia Reiter, Patrik Jansson, Paul Hearn, Paulien Herder, Pedro Ballesteros, Peter Nijkamp, Ralph Dum, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Ricardo Herranz, Rudiger Ahrend, Sandeep Goyal, Sander van der Leeuw, Sibylle Schupp, Silvano Cincotti, Stanislav Sobolevsky, Stefano Battiston, Steven Bishop, Sylvain Haon, Temis Taylor, Vittorio Loretto, William J. Nuttall, William Nuttall, Zofia Lukszo

EU-China and Global Climate Policy

This is a post in view of the plenary on EU-China and Global Climate Policy at the Second Open Global Systems Science Conference, Monday 2pm: The report written by Yongsheng Zhang of the Development Research Center, Beijing, Carlo Jaeger of the Global Climate Forum, Berlin, and Emmanuel Guérin of IDDRI, Paris, will be available as hardcopy on the conference desk. We look forward to an exciting discussion at the conference. As usual, the debate can also continue here on the blog, both with comments to this post and additional posts.