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Inequality: global dynamics, public policies, and private initiatives – Call for papers (Draft)

Rising inequality has become a constant feature of contemporary economic growth in industrialized countries and a treat to social development.

The solutions developed in the last century to tackle inequality as the welfare state don’t show an impact anymore or have become unsustainable, while new solutions are emerging but are still ancillary.

This is the opposite trend to the improvements economic growth has brought to  human life standards for thousands of  years, and a growing concern to policy makers, researchers and society as a whole.

Contributions from all relevant disciplines (e.g. economics, political science, sociology) and practices that address the following questions are invited

  1. What are the structural changes (eg technological, institutional, cultural) explaining the recent increase of inequality in industrialized countries i.e. the West and Asia?  How is the rest of the world affected?
  2. What are the possible strategies to address the rise of inequality:

o   Critical review of past solutions eg welfare state service provision

o   Innovative solutions: public, private, civic or PPP, in both theory and practice

o   Paradigm change and narratives to challenge the status quo

EU-China and Global Climate Policy

This is a post in view of the plenary on EU-China and Global Climate Policy at the Second Open Global Systems Science Conference, Monday 2pm: The report written by Yongsheng Zhang of the Development Research Center, Beijing, Carlo Jaeger of the Global Climate Forum, Berlin, and Emmanuel Guérin of IDDRI, Paris, will be available as hardcopy on the conference desk. We look forward to an exciting discussion at the conference. As usual, the debate can also continue here on the blog, both with comments to this post and additional posts.