“GSS in H2020 and beyond” workshop

In the context of the joint closure of the three GSS-related Horizon 2020, Future and Emerging Technologies projects GRACeFUL, DOLFINS and CIMPLEX, on 11 and 12 of December 2017 we organize an open workshop on GSS at the EC in Brussels. This lunch-to-lunch event is open to all interested public, prior registration at https://www.graceful-project.eu/gss/   Monday December 11 will be dedicated to the scientific part, while Tuesday 12 will have a more practical, hands-on focus with demos.

Apart from the three aforementioned projects the event can also count on the participation of ODYCCEUSEFFECT and CoEGSS.

The IV. Open Global Systems Science Conference

The GSS conference 2015 with the title “Everything is Connected – Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in Social, Economic and Political Systems” was held in Genova, Italy from October 29-30, 2015. It was organized by the University of Genoa as part of the Science Festival of Genoa.

The conference sessions focused on urban systems, economic systems, financial systems, sustainability, crowdsourcing and participation, big data and high-performance computing. Speakers were Geoffrey West, Alan Kirman, Sheri Markose, Silvano Cincotti, Stefano Battiston, Luciano Pietronero, Jeffrey Johnson, representatives from the ECB and Dutch Central Bank and others.

To promote young researchers, a special Young Scholar Session was held, where 6 PhD students and PostDocs presented their innovative work related to global system science.

Additionally, there was a special exhibition area at Palazzo Ducale, where the projects funded by the European Commission under the GSS cluster presented new ICT tools developed within the projects. The exhibition area was open for visitors from the GSS conference as well as for a wider audience from the Genova Science Festival. The booths contained posters as well as screens, showing data analyses and info graphics on the different topics developed.

For details, check the program here

The III. Open Global Systems Science Conference – Brussels Program

On October 8-10, scholars and practitioners will meet in the US, China and Europe to share insights and discuss open questions about green growth. The three sub-events will be connected via Internet, and the conference as a whole shall help to develop the research needed to address global challenges like the one of green growth.
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The Program of the sub-events in Brussels can be found here:
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The III. Open Global System Science Conference – Call for Papers

Unpacking Green Growth
A Trans-Continental Conference

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Hosted by:
Arizona State University
Development Research Center of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China
Global Climate Forum

October 8-10, 2014

Global Systems Science (GSS) is about providing global systems of interconnected solutions to global problems. This involves not only looking at the whole of our planet and its societies, but also looking at it from a transdisciplinary and transformative perspective that connects all kinds of scientific knowledge, and engaging as many people as possible in collective action. The concept of green growth has been proposed as one of the few globally distributed, innovative and engaging systemic solutions to our current global predicament.

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