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The III. Open Global Systems Science Conference – Brussels Program

On October 8-10, scholars and practitioners will meet in the US, China and Europe to share insights and discuss open questions about green growth. The three sub-events will be connected via Internet, and the conference as a whole shall help to develop the research needed to address global challenges like the one of green growth.
>More information about the GSS conference.

The Program of the sub-events in Brussels can be found here:
> Download Agenda_Brussels_Event

GSDP Podcasts

GSDP Podcasts

We interviewed many experts including researchers, scientists and professionals to explore the role of global system science (GSS) in addressing many issues that society is facing today and in the future. Specially we are interested in how GSS can help shape better policy making and ways to communicate complex systems thinking to the general public and policy makers. Thanks to all of the interview participants who brought a wide range of perspectives to the conversation.

The series of interviews can now be found on this blog!