Climate Policy Workshop

A Workshop about how to rescue global climate policy from its present impasse is scheduled at Arizona State University on February 3-4, 2014. The agenda is here.

The workshop is based on a reading list concerning the present state and future prospects of global climate policy. Most authors of the texts participate in the workshop:

Abbott_2013, Ashton_2012Bodansky_2011Gauchat_2012,

Jaeger_et_al_2012aJaeger_et_al_2012b, Klinsky_2013,



2 thoughts on “Climate Policy Workshop”

    1. Thanks for your note. The link has been fixed, at least it works from my machine.
      As for your interest in remote participation, we will definitely have a conversation around the topics of the workshop on this blog (see the homepage) in the weeks to come.

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