The following list mentions some of the workshops organized within the Global Systems Science (GSS) community.

All workshops run during the last months were designed to discuss research questions and aspects in different disciplines (economics, mathematics, computer science, anthropology, etc. …) by aiming to relate them to a global systems science approach.


Green Business Models and Green Economy
A New European Vision?

14.07.2014 | Mercator Project Centre, Neue Promenade 6, 10178 Berlin


Rescuing Climate Policy

03.02.2014 – 04.02.2014 | Arizona State University, Tempe, USA


Uncertainty, Digital Sciences and the Long Term

15.09.2013 – 17.09.2013 | Florence, Italy


Second Open Global Systems Science Conference

10.06.2013 – 12.06.2013 | Brussels, Belgium


Urbanization, Sustainability and Prosperty

17.04.2013 – 19.04.2013 | Arizona State University, Tempe, USA

The workshop was organized against a backdrop of rapidly growing renewed interest in the theme of urbanization, which was characterized by Simon in the 1980’s as “the major challenge for [organization] sciences in the 20th century”.


Visions in Global Systems Science: Energy Futures

18.03.2013 – 19.03.2013 | Brussels, Belgium

Energy systems are increasingly characterized as “multi-layered flow networks” spanning over different geographical areas. These spatial networks are global for their geographical extension. The different interacting layers of energy systems span from physical/technical (the hardware of the network), cyber (measurement, communication and control), market and business (wholesale and retail, services and operations), social (customers, users, stakeholders, …), normative (administrative issues, standards, etc.), and political (local, national and regional decision making, and geopolitical implications).


Global Systems Science: Territorial versus Functional Patterns

25.02.2013 – 26.02.2013 | Arizona State University, Tempe, USA

Humankind is currently faced with unprecedented global challenges – climate policy, financial regulation, nuclear disarmament, avoiding pandemics, and more. There are good reasons to see these challenges as different facets of an underlying problem, namely the difficulty to achieve a transition towards a sustainable world society.


Urban Development and Global Systems Science

13.02.2013 – 14.02.2013 | Brussels, Belgium

Global System Science (GSS) intends to address the increasingly global and interconnected nature of challenges facing humanity and the pervasiveness of ICT, with the aim to provide scientific evidence in support of policy options.


Visions in Global Systems Science: models and data

Date: February 7–8, 2013 | Brussels, Belgium


Towards a Sustainable Global Financial System

December 8 – 9, 2012 | Potsdam, Germany

A conference organized by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) and the Global Climate Forum (GCF).

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1st Open Global Systems Science Conference

November 8 – 10, 2012 | Brussels, Belgium

A conference organized by the EU project Global Systems Dynamics and Policy (GSDP).

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