Workshop Green Economy

14 Jul 2014 / 09:30 - 18:00

Current climate-economic models start from an equilibrium situation and introduce climate policy as an additional constraint. This leads to economic costs of mitigation in the present and near future, while benefits are only expected in the long-term. Additionally, current models have no sufficient representation of financial market dynamics as well as of the persistent unemployment currently present in the European Union. This workshop on Green Growth Strategies will analyze opportunities for win-win strategies for climate and economic policy. We will address the strengths and limitations of current models as well as their implications for climate policy. Resulting from this, we will discuss the inclusion of important aspects, such as expectation dynamics, investment dynamics, labour market properties, financial sector dynamics and multiple equilibria. How can existing models be adjusted to take account for win-win strategies? And can such new theories and models contribute to shifting the climate policy discussion from burden-sharing to opportunity sharing? The workshop is supported by the research project “Climate Policy Evaluation Model” and is aimed at an audience of economic and climate economic modelers and policy makers.


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