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Plenary B2: Uncertainty, Systemic Risks and Global Change Decisions
Session organizer: David Tuckett,
Speakers: David Good, Harald W Stieber, Susanne Kuechler

Intercontinental Plenary IP3: Global Flows of Energy, Materials and People
Chair: Nigel Gilbert
Speakers: Julian Allwood, Gary Dirks, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Frank Laczko, Daniel Beat Mueller

From Burden­‐sharing to Opportunity-­sharing: Unlocking the Climate Negotiations (Opening Session)
Yongsheng Zhang

Connected future resource pathways at global or national scales future resource pathways
Professor Julian Allwood

Green Growth, the SDGs, and a collaborative systems approach to development
Alan AtKisson

Scaling in urban systems: The CO2 emissions case
Marc Barthelemy

Global Financial Networks: Systemic Risk and Governance
Stefano Battiston

The 2020 Triangle: Inequality, Systemic Risk and Climate change -­‐ Panel Discussion
Stefano Battiston and Guido Caldarelli

Climate Change Mitigation and Green Growth
Daniel Bodansky

Policy by Protocol
Alberto Cottica

Networks, Swarms, Policy
Alberto Cottica

Introduction 8 October
Ulf Dahlsten

Global Energy Assets and Broken Business Models
Gary Dirks

Dealing with an Uncertain Future
David Good

A Theory of Cities – B4
Colin Harrison

Big Data- IP5
Colin Harrison

Computational Theory of GSS
Patrik Jansson

Domain-Specific Languages for Global Systems Science
Patrik Jansson

A Community-driven Massive Open Online Course on Global Systems Science, Social Simulation & Policy
Jeff Johnson

Introducing the Belmont and Future Earth Forums
Tim Killeen

The Use and Misuse of New Materials: A Story of Uncertainty and Risk
Susanne Kuechler

People on the move in a changing environment: How migration is shaping our world
Susanne Melde

Infrastructure stocks at the nexus of development, resource efficiency, and climate change mitigation
Daniel B. Müller

Policyoracle: An Information Market for Civil Participation in Collective Decisions about Global Issues
Niki Nikolakakao

Turning Big Data into knowledge for policy
Rickard Nyman

On promises and pitfalls of big data: A case study of Google Flu Trends
Paul Ormerod, Rickard Nyman and Alexander Bentley

GSS and the Regeneration of Local Economies
Paul Ormerod

When is politics good enough for the science?
Daniel Sarewitz

Cognitive limits and regulation of financial products and markets
Dr. Harald W. Stieber

RSS derived from US authored Reuters News and US GDP
David Tucket


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