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Research Program: What is Global system Science?

Reading the version 2.0 I would like to comment on the definition given in first page.

Just after Papadimitriou citation  (3rd paragraph page first)  I believe it will be nice to shift

the focus on the WWW and services rather than Internet (physical layer)

I would add something like

“Even more the whole hierarchy of systems defined on the Internet layer as the WWW and social networks on it,

create a complex and intertwingled web of networks whose mathematical properties are still unknown at the moment.”

On the Research Program for Global System Science: NAMES and TYPOS

Dear all, thanks for the work done on this document I just post a series of contributions.

Some sily as this one, some (I hope) more substantial

firstly I spotted some misprints in the list of people. I list here the correct entries

Guido Caldarelli IMTLUCCA  Lucca Italy and Istituto Sistemi Complessi CNR Italy

Cattuto Ciro (remove Ciro Cattuto) Institute for Scientific Interchange Turin, Italy

Gallegati (not GALLEGATTI) Mauro Univesity Politechnic of Marche, Ancona Italy

Then please remove Mario Rasetti (Already present Rasetti Mario)

Vittorio Loreto (already present Loreto Vittorio)

Somewhere in the text there is also both ITC and ICT, please check