Purpose of Global System Science

I make explicit reference to page 2.

I would like your feedback on the fact that possibly the scope of Global System Science is also to create a new generation of models and algorithms that incorporate latest result in mathematical approaches. Obvious candidates are the combinations of network theory, game theory, agent-based modelling

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  1. I am not at all in the field of mathematics – indeed I am very far from it. But I have some experience with models I commissioned and modelers I worked with, and am convinced that GSS can, and should, help develop such new models and approaches. In particular, I think it would be interesting to look at ways in which mathematics could follow in the footsteps of Belnap and others to find ways to think mathematically about multiple futures and the alternatives between them. Currently the only person I know who is working on that is Walter Fontana in Medicine (Harvard, I think). From the policy perspective, there is a great need not only to learn from the past, but also to learn for the future, i.e. larn about systems faced with choices, how these are made and how they affect the future balance of risks and uncertainties.

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