Let’s work together over the Internet

The 2nd Open GSS conference was great, many excellent ideas discussed and debated. Now it’s important to keep the dialogue ongoing using the Internet. We have set up a special idea and brainstorming website for Global Systems Science at https://global-systems-science.yrpri.org/ for use by anybody interested in participating.

Global Systems Science Your Priorities Website
Global Systems Science Your Priorities Website

This website is a part of Your Priorities and is operated by the non-profit Citizens Foundation in Iceland that fights for open source electronic democracy.  We can use the website for sharing, prioritizing and debating ideas, helping us focus on the most important ideas.

It is very simple to participate, here are the steps to submit a new idea:

  1. Visit the https://global-systems-science.yrpri.org/ website.
  2. Create a user at the top right by clicking ‘Sign in’ – we recommend using Facebook login as it is quickest but you can also use email.
  3. Click on ‘New idea’ at the top left of the screen.

Róbert and Gunnar
Citizens Foundation, Iceland

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