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GSS Languages workshop

As part of the GSS conference in June, I’m chairing a workshop on “Formal Languages and Integrated Problem Solving procedures in GSS”. It is one of five parallel workshops on “Knowledge Technologies for GSS” on Tuesday 2013-06-11: 11.00 – 13.00. I’ve created a wiki-page with some more details about the workshop:


So far it contains the text below, but it will be completed within a few days.


Patrik Jansson


Global Systems Science (GSS) is about developing systems, theories, languages and tools for computer-aided policy making with potentially global implications. The focus of this workshop is the interaction between core computer science, software engineering and GSS. Topics covered include

  • Languages for policy formulation and enforcement
  • Software as a key to productivity and innovation in industry and academia
  • Domain Specific Languages for Financial IT

We will also touch upon

  • Dependable modelling
  • Verification and Validation of Simulation Models


Speaker: Piero Bonatti

Title: Languages for policy formulation and enforcement

Abstract: Policies govern and constrain a system’s behavior, and as such specify mappings from complex situation descriptions to decisions (or at least sets of options to support human decision making). The perfect languages for expressing such mappings should enjoy a number of features, including: clarity and conciseness, explainability, formal verifiability, and the ability of adapting to an enormous number of possible event combinations. The same requirements arise in the restricted domain of security policies. In this talk, the experience gathered in this field will be reported with the purpose of identifying the most effective languages for policy formulation.

Speaker: Jaana Nyfjord, Director Swedsoft, SICS, Sweden

Title: TBD

Speaker: Martin Elsman, HIPERFIT, DIKU, Denmark

Title: TBD