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1493 by Charles Mann

While on leave recently in Maui, I started reading this book on the global, systemic impacts – ecological, economic, infrastructure, health, agriculture, and others – of the Columbia Exchange.  It is written by a great journalist, Charles Mann, and it is wonderfully readable – quite a page turner.  What I found especially interesting about it is the system of systems perspective that the author takes on the global consequences of events.  While not express in the terminology we might use ourselves, it is a wonderful demonstration of what a Global Systems Science could accomplish.  It also suggests (to me) the value of people, such as Charles Mann, who do not look at these problems from the perspective of a single discipline, but rather can take a broader, more integrative point of view.   More…


We will need different methods for GSS science and GSS application

Thanks to Maxi, Ralph and everyone for a great set of discussions last week. I strongly believe that urban systems is a terrific domain in which to apply GSS thinking.

I do feel that a source of confusion in our discussions was over the need for different methods and data for conducting the scientific study of GSS for urban systems on the one hand and other other hand the kinds of tools that would be deployed in practice and the data that they would need. For the science we may need to use very detailed representations of urban systems and very large amounts of data (Big Data). From the science though, I hope we would extract the key patterns and principles that govern urban systems that will enable us to design simpler, pattern-based representations that can work with sufficient accuracy on the limited amounts of data likely to be available in realistic situations.

colin Harrison