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Out-of-equilibrium actor-based system-dynamic modeling of the economics of climate change

A paper “Out-of-equilibrium actor-based system-dynamic modeling of the economics of climate change” by Dmitry V. Kovalevsky and Klaus Hasselmann is a contribution to GSS Preparatory Workshop for the 3rd Open Global Systems Science Conference (2014), 29-30 October 2013, Beijing, China.

The actor-based system-dynamic approach to integrated assessment modeling is illustrated for a simple model hierarchy consisting of a basic out-of-equilibrium model of economic growth and several alternative extensions demonstrating both stable and unstable dynamics. The evolution of the economy is governed by the strategies of key economic actors (aggregate producer and aggregate consumer) demonstrating that very different evolution paths can result from alternative hypotheses regarding actor behaviour. The paper serves as illustration of more realistic models designed within the MADIAMS (Multi-Actor Dynamic Integrated Assessment Model System) hierarchy to assess the long-term impacts of climate mitigation.

Research that lead to results presented in the paper has been performed in the framework of on-going EU FP7 COMPLEX project (“Knowledge based climate mitigation systems for a low carbon economy”) and projects solicited by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Download: Kovalevsky D.V., Hasselmann K., 2013. Out-of-equilibrium actor-based system-dynamic modeling of the economics of climate change

3rd Open GSS Conference

Dear all,

As announced at the Second Open Global Systems Science conference, the Third such conference will take place fall 2014 in Beijing. Like the first two Open GSS conference, the Third one will be organized by the Global Climate Forum, this time together with GSS researchers from Beijing Normal University.

The preliminary steering committee consist of: Guido Caldarelli, Zhangang Han, Elke Henning, Carlo Jaeger, Sander van der Leeuw, Antoine Mandel, Diana Mangalagiu, Joan David Tabara, Sani Yang, Qian Ye.

A preparatory meeting will take place in Beijing as well, October 29/30 this year. Everybody is invited to the preparatory meeting (travel support is available depending on needs). If you are interested, simply send an e-mail to with a brief note on your interest. If you are interested but are not able to join you are still welcome to contact us and we will keep you informed on the ongoing activities. As done with previous meetings, we will make sure that this preparatory meeting will be embedded in an internet exchange on the GSS blog.

In fact, the conversation about the Third Open GSS conference will take place to a considerable extent on the GSS blog also before and after the preparatory meeting. Without in any way constraining the conversation at its beginning, it may be useful to mention fields where great progress is definitely under way. They include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Financial markets
  • The global city system
  • Climate policy

By the end of the preparatory meeting, a preliminary structure for the Third Open GSS Conference in fall 2014 should be in place, still leaving considerable flexibility for the months to come.

It is important to realize how fast our community is growing. One indicator is the number of GSS-related workshops and conferences already in the making, certainly in Europe, but also in the US. We will post details on the GSS blog as soon as possible.

Best regards to all of you,

Carlo Jaeger