New Forms of Global Collaboration

Here is a review from the The Economist of 19 October 2013 of a report from the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations, which seems to bear on some of the thoughts aired by Carlo at the first Open GSS on the new for new forms of global governance.  For example “it proposes two modest but useful reforms. The first is to make more use of “creative coalitions”….  What it means is ad hoc groups spanning governments, multilateral organisations, business, charities and NGOs which try to deal with a particular problem outside the gridlocked processes of global governance. A successful example is the coalition that is sharply reducing deaths from malaria.  Its members include the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and ExxonMobil as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and assorted governments from big rich countries and small poor ones. The commission proposes a similar effort to detect and respond to cybersecurity problems (to be called CyberEx), and another (to be called C20-C30-C40, it suggests) to combine 20 countries, 30 companies and 40 cities in search of a common agenda for tackling climate change.

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