CFP: Functional High-Performance Computing (FHPC 2013)

I just want to “advertise” the Functional High-Performance Computing workshop which this year has “Large-Scale Simulation” as their theme which I think fits very well with GSS. Half of the organizers (Fritz Henglein and Jost Berthold) are at the HIPERFIT research center in Denmark (HIPERFIT: research in tailor-made expressive programming languages, frameworks, tools and technologies for financial modeling, and effective use of modern parallel hardware without compromising correctness, transparency or portability.)

Kind regards,

Patrik Jansson



The FHPC workshop aims at bringing together researchers exploring uses
of functional (or more generally, declarative or high-level) programming
technology in application domains where large-scale computations arise
naturally and high performance is essential. Such computations would
typically — but not necessarily — involve execution on highly parallel
systems ranging from multi-core multi-processor systems to graphics
accelerators (GPGPUs), reconfigurable hardware (FPGAs), large-scale
compute clusters or any combination thereof. It is becoming apparent
that radically new and well founded methodologies for programming such
systems are required to address their inherent complexity and to
reconcile execution performance with programming productivity.


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