Narratives and Public Stakeholder

Chair: Filippo Addarii, EUCLID Network 

Workshop Paper

Short Description

Globalization has changed course becoming the main threat to Western society in the eyes of the man in the street. Fear, rage and despair are mounting amongst people as mirrored in the rise of populist parties, the crisis in every media and violence in the streets.

Even if there is lack of statistical evidence it’s the general sentiment and this is very dangerous. Europe has already fallen in this trap a century ago. The public mood has to be seriously addressed and put back on track towards positive ends. Helping people understanding the 21st century in all its complexity—challenges and opportunities—is the first step. Then everybody has to be equipped with suitable strategies for adaptation and tools to act upon the new world. Therefore a project as GSS is not just good science but a necessary contribution to a new vision and strategy for political stability and economic prosperity in Europe and worldwide. Narratives are part of the plan but not the top-down ones. The network culture expects everybody to take part in building new narratives capable to explain and manage the 21st century. Such a process is the basis to build resilient communities and ICT is part of it.



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