Global Health and ICT

Chair: Prof. Manfred Laubichler, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Short Description

All health challenges lie at the intersection of several global systems. These include various biological, ecological, social, technological, and economical systems. As part of a tightly interconnected world processes at all levels intersect—although exactly how is in many cases not fully understood. But what we do know is that there are multiple complex interactions that play out at different spatial and temporal scales and involve various feed-back and feed-forward loops. Most research has been focused on small or local intersections and has missed important dimensions that are only visible at a global scale. We are currently collecting data that will allow us to understand some of these connections and causal links (the big data challenge). But these data will only be meaningful, if we have a corresponding conceptual and theoretical framework that frames challenges, such as health as a truly global systems problem. To establish such a framework and test it in the context of specific health challenges at all levels of organization is one of the goals of global systems science.[…] A full description of the workshop can be found in the GSS Outline Paper



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