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Public consultation on metrics, in particular on global systems science

There is  an online consultation on H2020/digital agenda. It  is important to have a large feedback on the public consultation  on metrics in particular on  ‘global systems science’ (feel of course free to comment also on other areas)

 (a)    The website is:

 (b)   you will have to create a login.

 (c)    You will ‘take a survey’

 (d)    You will fill out a couple of multiple choice questions (about 10 minutes)

 (e)   A t the end you will find a popdown list of various activities planned for H2020 (metric): you go to ‘excellence in science’ and there is one stab on global systems science. Please comment on this point.

 This is a large consultation of European citizens – so please also engage your students, colleagues, and if posible non-scientists.

ASU workshop Feb2013 -Territorial vs functional patterns

Global Systems Science: Territorial versus Functional Patterns

Arizona State University, February 25/26

Dear colleagues,

Here it goes some presentations and pictures from our very exciting workshop here in Arizona, more comments, reactions and presentation will follow soon.

There was a lot of good discussions and I will not try to summarise that, but for your interest you may want to have a look at Stefano presentation on a posible tool which could act as at early warning system for global financial systemic vulnerability as very good example of future GSS tools and methods.

All the best,




Stefano Battiston

Colin Harrison

Saini Yang

J. David Tabara

Qian Ye









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GSS conference – two plenary summary transcripts already available

Dear good colleagues,

Please find attached two summary transcripts of the plenaries we held in our exciting conference. I think this is prime reflective material for all us in this emergent community. There will be more and I’ll put all them in a consolidated report soon. But for the time being this gives you a taste of what is to come and the major challenges we have ahead!

Thanks for all your contributions!

J. David Tabara


Reports form the conference 1st Open Global Systems Science Conference, November 8th–10th, 2012, Brussels, Belgium: