This blog is designed as a instrument to collect thoughts and ideas on a science of global systems in order to develop an orientation paper on Global System Science.

For the time being those thoughts and ideas are shared via workshops and conferences connected to the EU project Global Systems Science and Policy (GSDP).

This blog will evolve, try to connect with researchers and practitioners in various communities and is only a starting point for an open discussion. It aims at contributing substantially to the development of a research programme on Global Systems Science (GSS). How to register…

By today several conferences have been organized connected to GSS, see also:

GSS Research Programme:

The study of problems as diverse as global climate change and global financial crises is currently converging towards a new kind of research – Global Systems Science.

GSS builds on economics as well as on climatology, on history as well as on geography and on a variety of further disciplines. However, it is no attempt to renew the failed pursuit for a single unified science. It simply integrates insights and methods that are useful in studying global systems and develops them further for that purpose.

Important examples of global systems are:

  • the energy, water and food supply systems
  • the internet
  • the global financial system
  • the agents, resources and mechanisms involved in climate policy
  • the web of military forces and relations
  • globally spreading diseases
  • the scientific community

GSS could not emerge without substantial advances in information and communication technology (ICT). The use of computer models, digitized data, and global virtual networks are vital for GSS, and GSS can provide a key domain for socially useful ICT developments.